Fiscal Year:
Primary Budget:
Comparison Budget:

   2. For the purpose of this paragraph "juvenile detention and probation
   officer"  means an employee in the Department of Juvenile Justice in the
   following  classification  codes:  Juvenile Detention Officers I (5711),
   Juvenile  Detention  Officers  II  (5712),  Juvenile  Detention  Officer
   Supervisor   (5713)  and  Juvenile  Probation  Officers  (5965),  Senior
   Juvenile   Probation  Officer  (5966)  and  Juvenile  Probation  Officer
   Supervisor (5967).

   Any  unexpended  balances  of  funds  remaining  on  June 30, 2022 shall
   revert. The Department of Juvenile Justice is authorized to continue the
   competitive pay adjustment in Fiscal Year 2022-2023.

   (d) Firefighters

   Effective July 1, 2022, $1,395,746 in recurring funds is appropriated in
   Specific  Appropriations 106, 225, 329, 1436, 2399, 2409, 2992 and 3014,
   in  addition  to the pay adjustments provided in paragraph (1)(b), for a
   pay  increase  of  up  to  $2,500  for  positions  in  the  Fire Service
   Bargaining  Unit  in  the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind, the
   Agency  for  Health  Care Administration, the Department of Children and
   Families,  the  Department  of  Agriculture  and  Consumer Services, the
   Department  of  Financial  Services, the Department of Military Affairs,
   and  in addition to positions in the following classes in the Department
   of  Agriculture  and  Consumer  Services: Forest Area Supervisor (7622);
   Forestry  Operations  Administrator  (7634);  Forestry  District Manager
   (7635);  Forestry  Program  Administrator  (7636);  and  Forestry Center
   Manager (7637).


   (a) State Life Insurance and State Disability Insurance

   Funds  are provided in each agency's budget to continue paying the state
   share  of  the  current  State  Life  Insurance  Program  and  the State
   Disability Insurance Program premiums.

   (b) State Health Insurance Plans and Benefits

   1. For the period July 1, 2022, through June 30, 2023, the Department of
   Management  Services  shall  continue  within  the State Group Insurance
   Program  State Group Health Insurance Standard Plans, State Group Health
   Insurance   High   Deductible  Plans,  State  Group  Health  Maintenance
   Organization   Standard   Plans,  and  State  Group  Health  Maintenance
   Organization High Deductible Plans.

   2.  For  the  period  July  1, 2022, through June 30, 2023, the benefits
   provided  under each of the plans shall be those benefits as provided in
   the  current  State  Employees'  PPO  Plan  Group  Health Insurance Plan
   Booklet   and   Benefit   Document,   and   current  Health  Maintenance
   Organization contracts and benefit documents, including any revisions to
   such health benefits approved by the Legislature.

   3.  Beginning  January  1, 2023, for the 2023 plan year, each plan shall
   continue  the  benefits for occupational therapy authorized for the 2022
   plan year.

   4.  Effective July 1, 2022, the state health insurance plans, as defined
   in  subsection   (3)(b),  shall  limit  plan  participant  cost  sharing
   (deductibles,  coinsurance,  and  copayments)  for  covered   in-network
   medical  services,  the amount of which shall not exceed the annual cost
   sharing  limitations  for  individual coverage or for family coverage as
   provided by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services pursuant to
   the provisions of the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
   of  2010  and  the  Internal Revenue Code. Medical and prescription drug
   cost  sharing  amounts  incurred  by  a  plan  participant  for  covered
   in-network service shall be aggregated to record the participant's total
   amount  of plan cost sharing limitations. The plan shall pay 100 percent
   of  covered  in-network  services  for  a  plan  participant  during the
   applicable  calendar  year  once  the federal cost share limitations are

   5.  Effective  July  1,  2022,  a participant shall continue to have the
   option  to  receive  covered immunizations from a participating provider
   pursuant  to  a  participant's  current  State Employees' PPO Plan Group
   Health  Insurance  Plan  Booklet  and  Benefit Document, a participating
   provider   pursuant   to  a  participant's  current  Health  Maintenance
   Organization contract and benefits document, or a participating pharmacy
   in the State Employees' pharmacy benefit manager's network.